Kamis, 14 Agustus 2014

Trip To Bali

 Hi world! I just want to share my trip to Bali! I was go there 2 weeks ago, It was fun just me and my little family. O yeah! with my oppa (grandpa) too

 Me with my beautiful mom! Just her who always understand me. I love you mom! <3

 See here and there, It's great I can see many foreign people in here. O momma I love Bali, Can we stay in here for a long time?

Mom, Can you teach me how to fly? I want to take you to the moon (?)

We are family! Thanks world for visit to my blog.
Family is important things in this life, family is everything especially your parents.
Just them who always understand us, love them because they are love us too
Warm greeting for your family!

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