Sabtu, 16 Agustus 2014

Driving Truck On Independence Day

Good morning world...... I'm so happy today, August 17 is my country's birthday. Indonesia now is 69. I celebrate my country with driving my truck hahahaha

Many accesorise in my country to celebrate independence. In my housing the accesorise like flags, and they are coloring the street. And sometimes, they are making lamp from bottles or glass.
In this sunday morning, I'm enjoyed play with my truck. My mom also feeding me.

Stop Tetsu..... fill the fuel! (Tetsuya's mom say)

Done mom... I want to continue my way....

OMG why the traffic light is still red? I already wait it until  5 minutes -_-\

What? Fill the fuel again?! noooooooo

I know mom you love me, but its too much you feeding me. My mouth is too full

What's up?

I think there's is something interesting behind me

What the........... . What do you do guys? I want to do that too! Wait me....

Mom, go home with me

Don't worry mom... we will cross the street safely and I will take care of you mom

Warm greeting from me for your family world!

Late Dinner

 Hi world I want to share my story. 2 days ago I was have late dinner, and my mom choosed Hoka Hoka Bento Restaurant to took a dinner. In Hoka Hoka Bento, they serve japannese restaurant. But in here there is no sushi or takoyaki. The menu is like chicken teriyaki, beef teriyaki, sukiyaki, tempura, and etc

Mom, I want to eat tempura and chicken teriyaki. Hmmm and red bean ice! it look delicious too

During waiting the foods, my mom sang a song and I'm enjoyed

OMG my dinner is coooooomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Why it looks so delicious? Hurry up mom! I'm so hungry....


O mom! Why you give me the soup? I want you to give me the teriyaki mom.....

Hmm what is in my mouth? 

Mom, I want tempura again, buy some again and take it to home I will eat that...

Great momment is when you can have dinner with your all family
Warm greeting from me for your all family world!

Jumat, 15 Agustus 2014

When I Was 5 Months

 Hi world! I just want to share all my photos when my age still 5 months, I'm too cute before (?) hahaha. My eyes are big. When I was 5 months I'm fat and have big stomach. But now not, I'm thin now. Don't said if my mom didn't feed me. I'm thin because I become taller, and I still have a flat nose hahaha

 My sexy pose

 My thumb is delicious

Don't be sad. Think everything what will you do is easy. Don't feel your problems are complicated, because life without problems there is no challenge and if life without challenge is nothing.
Always smile world! 
Warm greeting from me for your family


Kamis, 14 Agustus 2014

Trip To Bali

 Hi world! I just want to share my trip to Bali! I was go there 2 weeks ago, It was fun just me and my little family. O yeah! with my oppa (grandpa) too

 Me with my beautiful mom! Just her who always understand me. I love you mom! <3

 See here and there, It's great I can see many foreign people in here. O momma I love Bali, Can we stay in here for a long time?

Mom, Can you teach me how to fly? I want to take you to the moon (?)

We are family! Thanks world for visit to my blog.
Family is important things in this life, family is everything especially your parents.
Just them who always understand us, love them because they are love us too
Warm greeting for your family!


Hi everybody!
Lemme introduce my self, my name is Tetsuya Althaf Respati. You can call me Tetsuya! My beloved mom always call me ecu, cause I'm cutest baby in the world (?) hell yeah xD
I'll share my pictures in my blog! Thanks for my Aunty to make a cute blog for meeeee :)
Don't forget to visit my Aunt's  blog